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4. As a girlfriend called authoritarian style
7. Who discovered the effect of the unfinished actions
9. Scientific prediction in the social sphere, is related to goal setting
14. The methods in the learning process perform the following functions: to develop, educate, motivational, control and corrective … ^
16. One method of pedagogy, that is purposeful, is the same for all the subjects of surveys conducted under strictly controlled conditions, allowing to measure objectively examine the characteristics of the pedagogical process
18. The third stage of socialization, in which there is a desire to find his place in society
21. The process and the result of human social development
23. What is self-esteem it is accompanied by an underestimation of the actual circumstances and causes a person under stress, when it is difficult to cope with them
24. One of the basic principles of didactics. Its essence lies in the fact that the effectiveness of training depends on the purposeful involvement of the senses to the perception and understanding of the material
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1. The essence of this method of training is to exchange views on a particular issue
2. The subject of pedagogy - the development of the individual in terms of education, training and
3. According to source of knowledge are the following methods: Practical
4. Branch pedagogy, which studies the training and education
5. Scholars and practitioners in 1922 formulated the idea of the specifics of the object of pedagogy
6. The mechanism of socialization, which is characteristic of a decision under the influence of the majority of members
8. What is the Dewey system
10. This pedagogy different negative attitude to the former theory and practice of education, deepening interest in the personality of the child, a new approach to the problem of education
11. The object of pedagogy
12. Aphorism one of the German teachers is: llohoy teacher teaches the truth and teaches her good-finding
13. Subject and object of public otnoscheniya, aware of his attitude towards the features and endowed individualnopsihologicheskimi
15. Science, which has similar subject study pedagogy
17. Streamlining the didactic process according to certain criteria, giving it the desired shape
19. It manifests itself in a persons ability to maintain a sense of dignity under the most unfavorable circumstances
20. The science that studies the patterns and mechanisms of human development at the stage of its maturity and reaches the highest level in this development
22. What is the function of the teacher is the main

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