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По горизонтали
2. Hold an (mostly) oral examination
4. A refuse in admittance to work for somebody
6. An act of retiring or giving up a position
7. The action of stopping something from happening or arising
8. A pressure of work
10. Contract (work) out or abroad
11. Money paid for work or a service
12. A document proving a person’s identity or qualifications
13. The position of an apprentice
14. The interest, reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way
17. Not having enough paid work or not doing work that makes full use of their skills and abilities
18. The period of one’s life after leaving one’s job and ceasing to work
19. The action of giving work to someone
22. A person who writes computer programs
23. A person who ranks below a senior person
24. For only part of the usual working day or week
По вертикали
1. Self-employed and hired to work for different companies on particular assignments
3. The state of being unemployed
5. A person or organization that employs people
9. A person who makes a formal application for a job
11. A start of another job or new contract with a previously fired employee
15. A job or profession
16. The practice of regularly staying away from work or school without good reason
20. A comprising recurring period in which different groups of workers do the same jobs in relay
21. A place where people work, such as an office or factory

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