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По горизонтали
2. Drug which block the absorbtion of lipids
4. Blocker of protonal pump
7. Contain lipase, protease and amylaze to treat chronic pancreatitis
9. Antibacterial drug to treat gastritis
11. Opioid agonist to treat diarrea
12. The inhibitor of proteolytic enzymes
13. D2-receptors antagonist from antiemetics drugs
14. Drug which block histamine receptors and decrease level of hcl in the stomach
По вертикали
1. Cannabioid to treat vomitting and can be used to increase apetite
3. Enzyme which metabolise lipids in duodemum
5. Drug which containe essential phospholipids
6. Group of drugs which deactivate hcl in stomach
7. Bacteria which cam cause the Gastritis - Helicobacter
8. Drug used in osisity which block serotonin and dophamine reseptors in appetite center
10. Opioid analgetic used to reduse pain in acute pancreatitis

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