Готовый кроссворд по английскому языку - на тему «Materials to products»

По горизонтали
5. a material that you use to make tires, slippers or balls
6. the front of the computer or television
7. a solid or liquid that is made by chemistry
10. how hot or cold something is
13. to make or design something new
14. a light, strong metal
16. a type of material that is made from chemicals, like bottles, shopping bags
По вертикали
1. a building material usually made with cement, sand, stones and water
2. a soft material that we use to make clothes
3. to use again
4. a very strong metal that is made from iron and other chemicals
8. an electrical part that controls computer
9. very thick paper; boxes are made of this
11. a type of energy
12. from thousands of years in the past
15. not from the past
17. notsolid orgas, like water

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