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По горизонтали
5. Ny was founded by the Dutch colonists and named New …
8. Casino city
10. An Americal poet
15. Психический процесс, относимый к механизмам психологической защиты.
17. Деятельность ради удовольствия, проведение досуга
22. Art museum in Wasington, d.c
25. An American astronaut, the first person to set foot upon the Moon
По вертикали
1. Wide ny street
2. An Indian hero of an epic song
3. He discovered America (last name)
4. The biggest of Niagara Falls
6. The second name of an American poet whose first name is Henry
7. Popular holiday which includes costume parties and trick-or-treating and so on
9. Most famous place in la
11. The first President of the USA (last name)
12. Canadian province that shares Niagara Falls with the us
13. The most densely populated ny borough with many skyscrapers
14. The surname of one of the Mark Twains most popular characters
16. Акт получения объекта с передачей чего-либо взамен.
18. The first colonists started the tradition of …
19. It is the smallest state in America
20. Novel that has a name of a bird in it
21. The best known park in New York
23. He visits on Christmas Eve
24. The most populous and ethnically diversed ny borough

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