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2. He also enjoys vocal music, particularly … (the adventure of the red circle)
4. Profession of sherlock holmes
6. The … world records has consistently listed sherlock holmes as the most portrayed movie character
7. 221B … . Street
8. In what subject does Sherlock Holmes have great knowledge?
9. Holmes primary intellectual method of detection is … reasoning
10. In which city did Arthur Conan Doyle open his first medical cabinet?
13. Detective's favorite musical instrument
14. Holmes shares the majority of his professional years with his good friend and chronicler dr.john … , who lives with holmes for some time
По вертикали
1. Holmes, as a gentleman, often carries a stick or …
3. The city where Arthur Conan Doyle was born
5. … , my dear watson
9. Sherlock holmes is a fictional detective created by scottish author and physician sir arthur conan …
11. What was the name of the first novel about sherlock? (study in … )
12. The city where Sherlock Holmes lives

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