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2. What is the name of the ability to think unconventionally, find new solutions, generate ideas?
3. What is the name of a person's character trait that implies a person's ability to fulfill their obligations on time, for example, to appear at the time appointed for a meeting?
4. What is the name of the quality of a person associated with the skill to make responsible decisions independently and in a timely manner and persistently implement them?
6. What is the name of the skill necessary when communicating with people?
7. What is the name of a character trait that consists in a positive attitude of a person to the process of working activity?
8. What is the name of a high level of expectations from yourself and others?
По вертикали
1. What is the maximum concentration on the action that is currently being performed?
5. What is the name of a selfless willingness to help another person for free?

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