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По горизонтали
4. A logical unit of information stored on a medium
7. The science of the development of society and nature
8. Ink containers for inkjet printers or multifunctional devices
12. The science of wildlife, the laws of organic life
13. If you don't pay the bill, they'll cut off your …
По вертикали
1. The science of the simplest and at the same time the most general laws of nature, of matter, its structure and movement
2. A device designed to output graphic, text or sound information
3. A device or program carrying out the study of an object, monitoring it or reading its parameters
5. A science that studies the relationship between humans, animals, plants and microorganisms among themselves and with the environment
6. The science of substances, their composition and structure, their properties, depending on the composition and structure, their transformations leading to a change in composition
9. A science that studies the life and culture of ancient peoples from preserved material monuments
10. Natural sciences about the phenomena and laws of nature
11. The science of the most general laws of the development of nature, society and thinking

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