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2. It is a defect in the form of an incomplete casting due to the facr, that the mold cavity hasn`t been filled
3. It is the system of elements. These elements form a working cavity. When this cavity is poured with molten metal, casting is formed
4. It is a defect, that features the form of material forms trapped by the flows of liquid metal
6. The properties of various porous metals, that are characterized by the ability to pass gases through themselves
7. The heterogeneity of the alloys chemical composition that takes place during crystallization
9. A metal insert in one-time-use casting forms to accelerate the solidification of the alloy
10. It is a vessel, which is used to melt and heat up various materials, as well as to perform laboratory work
11. It is a tree-like crystal of branched shape
14. It is a metal mould filled with liquid metal in which it solidifies into an ingot
15. It is a shaft furnace, which is used for smelting cast iron in foundries
16. Reusable metal casting mold with natural or forced cooling
17. The decrease in volume and casting dimensions of material or a piece during the transition from a liquid to solid state
19. The property of liquids and gases to resist the mixing of one part to another
20. The lower part of a downspure, that takes the impact, which is caused by poured metal
22. The thickness of the metal layer removed from the surface of the stock material during its processing by cutting
23. The temperature, which is suitable for the start of solution and alloy crystallization
24. The system of underground and artificial drains for collecting and draining groundwater from the structure
По вертикали
1. It is a device, which can be put on boxless moulds, when they are prepared for casting
5. Products, their transportation is not allowed due to defects
6. The protruding part of the mold, that forms in the casting mold and recesses
8. A defect in the form of an arbitrary shape of a hole or a through chain in a casting wall
12. The property of molten metal to fill up a casting form
13. A type of metals heat treatment
18. It is an air hole in a casting form
21. An element of the gate system in the form of a vertical or inclined channel for supplying molten metal from the cup to other elements of the system or directly into the mold cavity

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