Готовый кроссворд по английскому языку - на тему "Приготовление еды"

По горизонтали
2. To mix ingredients lightly without mashing or crushing them
4. To roast meet slowly on a spit rack or rack over heat, blasting frequently with a seasoned sauce
5. To cook below the boiling point, bubbles form slowly and break on the surface
7. To cook in water or liquid in which bubbles rise continually and break on surface
8. To mix by using circular motion, going around and around until blended
9. To beat sugar and fat together until fluffy
11. To add salt, pepper
12. To prepare food by applying heat in any form
14. To finely divide food in various sizes by rubbing it on a grater with sharp projections
По вертикали
1. To sprinkle or coat with a powdered substance, usually with crumbs or seasoning
3. To mix two or more ingredients together until well combined
4. To cook over, under, over in front of hot coals or a gas or electric burner or other form of direct heat
5. To cook in the steam generated by boiling water
6. To cut into very small cubes
10. To cut or chop food as finely as possible
13. To work dough with the heel of the hands, using a pressing motion, accompanied by folding and stretching until smooth and elastic

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