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По горизонтали
1. A city in Australia, the administrative center of Tasmania
3. Oviparous mammal that lives exclusively in Australia
4. The state of Australia, located on the island
5. Australias highest mountain lake located in the Australian Alps
7. Mariners from this country appear to be the first to land on the shores of Australia
8. The name of the sea separating the shores of Australia and New Zealand
9. Australias largest city, the southernmost millionaire city in the world
12. Aboriginal musical instrument of Australia
13. Mountain range in the heart of Australia
14. Metal, of which Australia is a major exporter
15. Birds that fly in large numbers to bring chicks to Australian Lake Eyre
По вертикали
2. The word used in Australia for standing water bodies resulting from a change in the riverbed
5. Bay in northern Australia in the Arafura Sea
6. A state in northern Australia, part of which is located in a humid tropical zone
10. The name of Australias largest desert
11. Australia Aboriginal wooden throwing weapon

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