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1. Ideological background on which empirical tendency in sociology was developed
5. The founder of ethnomethodology in sociology
7. Type of society characterized by social solidarity, unity
12. Type of society characterized by: division of labor, strengthening of a social variety, expansion of opportunities of a personal choice
14. Macrosociological concept
17. Primary agent of social interaction and social relations
19. Stage of development of sociology at which there was a formation of prerequisites of sociological knowledge
22. A.comtes classification of sciences includes six sciences- mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, sociology, and
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1. An example of ascending social mobility is
2. What kind of behavior is aspiring to escape from reality through changing the state by taking some substances or continuous fixing of attention on certain subjects …
3. A.comte distinguished three stages of the society development: metaphysical, positive and
4. Failure in functioning of social institute
6. Process of the increasing influence of factors of the international value on social reality
8. Main method of research of society, according to a.comte
9. Characteristics of industrial society
10. Regulation that in society the consent dominates over conflict found its justification in this theory:
11. Evolutionary development means movement:
12. Natural economy, strong traditions, and the power of churchmen characterize what kind of society:
13. Process of definition and fixing of social norms, rules, statuses and roles bringing them in the system operating for satisfaction of public need
15. R.merton introduced concepts: «evident» and «covert (latent)» fucntions relatively to social
16. Subject-matter of sociology
18. The most important sign of social development is:
19. First approach in sociology
20. Social system is characterized by:
21. According to a.comte, social progress is a subject matter of social

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