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По горизонтали
2. The person giving his blood for transfusion or organs for transplantation to another person
3. A colorless liquid formed from blood plasma through its filtering interstitial space and from there penetrating into the lymphatic system
7. Small, anucleate, spherical colorless corpuscles
8. Hydrolysates are mainly used as a vehicle for parenteral introduction in case of power
9. Metalloprotein involved in the transport of oxygen
11. The antigen (protein), which is on the surface of red blood cells. About 85% of people have it and, therefore, are positive on this symptom
15. Cells of the immune system, a type of white blood cells
17. Proteins of serum and other biological fluids that are synthesized in response to introduction of antigen and have the ability to interact specifically with the antigen that caused their formation,
18. Bioorganic substances that have genetic traits of alien and when introduced into the body causes the development of the immune response
По вертикали
1. A phenomenon in which the blood of a pregnant woman is rh negative and the fetal blood positive rh factor is called rh
4. Liquid tissue that circulates in the circulatory system of vertebrates and man
5. The patient received a blood transfusion from a donor or subjected to transplantation of an organ from a donor
6. Bluish tinge of the skin and mucous membranes that is caused by increased amount of reduced hemoglobin or its derivatives
10. Colorless, functionally diverse, the motile cells of animals, is able to capture and digest microorganisms and foreign particles, as well as to produce antibodies
11. Example of salt crystalloid solution
12. Property of red blood cells to stick together under the action of their plasma or serum of another person
13. One method of injecting blood-substituting liquids
14. In vivo formation inside blood vessels clots that impede the free current of blood through the circulatory system
16. The process of destruction of red blood cells, which is accompanied by the release of hemoglobin
17. An antibody that performs the agglutination of blood cells, bacteria and other antigenic particles … located in plasma
19. The solution that has the ability to bind toxins circulating in the blood, and accelerate their excretion through the kidneys

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