Готовый кроссворд по английскому языку - на тему «Planning»

По горизонтали
2. The amount of work expected from a worker in a specified time period
4. An official decision that sth. will be used for a particular purpose
8. Including many, most, or all things
10. A general tendency or direction
12. An idea or opinion about something
14. Deciding how much something costs
15. Smth. very important, needing fast actions
По вертикали
1. Prediction
3. A law or set of laws made by a government/parliament
5. Persons or businesses (eg shareholders, banks, employees) that have invested money in a company
6. A general tendency or direction
7. Using or needing a large amount of time
9. Existing or accepted for the present time but likely to be changed
11. A situation in which something happens later than it should
12. Something that is believed to be true or probably true but that is not known to be true
13. Clear, easy to see and understand
14. A building or factory where something is made

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