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По горизонтали
2. Combined electrical measuring device that combines several functions
3. This is a controlled semiconductor device that can operate in an electronic circuit in both the key and amplification modes
5. At the … transition, the electronic component is much less than the hole component and can be neglected
7. High voltage switching device designed to turn on under voltage and turn off sections of a circuit without current
8. Simultaneously with the generation process, the process of … carriers occurs, in which the electron restores the covalent bond
10. In semiconductors, the main factor affecting electrical conductivity is …
11. A gas-discharge device is called, in which the voltage between the electrodes in the working section of the characteristic increases slightly with an increase in the discharge current
13. Zener diode designed to stabilize low voltages
14. Gas discharge or semiconductor voltage stabilization device
15. Microcircuit, consisting of a light emitter and a photodetector, optically connected to each other and placed in a common housing
16. Light-emitting diode that converts electric current into light
18. To … include substances that, by their electrical
19. The science of methods of creating electronic devices and devices used mainly for the transmission, processing and storage of information
20. A characteristic feature of semiconductors is a pronounced
22. … coefficient of instability
23. … breakdown is an avalanche multiplication of charge carriers in the pn junction
24. An increase in the concentration of minor charges due to the predominance of diffusion through the forward-biased pn junction
По вертикали
1. The process of formation of electron-hole pairs is called … free charge carriers
4. A device designed to study the amplitude and time parameters of an electrical signal applied to its input, either directly on the screen, or recorded on a photographic tape
6. A specialized microcomputer designed to control printers, terminals, data transmission devices and other devices
9. An electromagnetic device having two or more inductively coupled windings on a magnetic circuit and designed to convert one or more alternating current systems by electromagnetic induction
12. A measuring device designed to determine the power of an electric current or electromagnetic signal
13. Assembly tool for loosening and tightening screws
17. A device designed for the electrical connection of various elements of the product
21. The reciprocal of the period, the number of periods per second, is measured in hertz (Hz)

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