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По горизонтали
3. Unit of measurement magnetic flux?
5. The unit of measurement of the intensity of light?
6. The unit of measurement is magnetic induction?
9.  ярд. Не дотягивает до метра около 8 сантиметров.
11. Who invented the temperature scale named after him?
14. What physical quantity is denoted by the letterand characterizes the flow of electric charge through the wire section per unit of time, measured in amperes?
16. был равен весу камня определенных размеров
18. точка, примерно равная ширине точки, которую мы ставим на письме
19. Unit of measurement luminous flux?
20. A unit of length equal to 2.54 centimeters?
21. The unit of temperature measurement indicated by the symbol?
23. составлял объем стандартной бочки.
24. A unit of distance equal to 100 centimeters?
По вертикали
1. линия(6 точек), которая близка к традиционным 2 миллиметрам
2. Unit of measurement electrical capacity?
4. What physical quantity is denoted by the letterand characterizes the potential difference between two points in an electrical circuit, measured in volts?
7. The particle that is responsible for the electric charge and is located in atoms?
8. A unit of power named after the inventor of the steam engine, James?
10. What kind of electric current hasconstant direction and does not change its polarity?
12. What is the name of the type of electric current that changes its direction and magnitude over time?
13. What is the name of the physical quantity denoted by the letter R, which characterizes the complexity of the passage of electric current through the material and is measured in ohms?
14. What is the name of the temperature scale, in which zero degrees corresponds to the freezing of water, and one hundred degrees corresponds to its boiling?
15. The unit of voltage measurement?
17. немногим меньше 30 г (28, 35 г) 
22. The unit of measurement of current strength?

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