Готовый кроссворд по английскому языку - на тему «Педагогические термины»

По горизонтали
1. A specialist in any scientific field who has made a contribution to science
2. Educational institution for general education
4. A series of training sessions that goes according to the plan and schedule, aimed at teaching one academic subject
5. A person who is in the same class with someone
6. The position of a researcher or teacher, or an academic title
7. A type of written work that represents the presentation of your thoughts and feelings on a given topic
10. A specialist who studies the human psyche and provides psychological assistance to him in various life situations
11. An oral presentation of an academic subject or a topic
13. A written or oral favorable review, advice, or instruction
15. A student of a higher educational institution
16. A person who lectures in front of an audience
17. A set of information that is received, transmitted and stored by various sources
18. An institution that collects and stores books and magazines
20. A quality that favorably distinguishes someone, something from others
21. A book with systematized information on a specific discipline
23. An educational institution, mainly in the UK education systems
24. A person who speaks to the public, who has a developed ability to convince in his arsenal, regularly speaks to the audience. He can conduct seminars, lessons, lectures
По вертикали
1. A monthly allowance issued to full-time students in secondary and higher professional educational institutions
3. A book containing a systematic presentation of knowledge in a particular field
8. A system of knowledge, skills and abilities selected from a certain branch of science for study in an educational institution
9. A scientific work, the successful completion of which is one of the requirements for obtaining an academic degree or qualification
12. A book made of loose leaves
14. The system of education and training of a person, a set of knowledge, skills, skills, value attitudes, experience of activity and competencies
19. Visual tutorials for students for independent work in the classroom or at home
22. A type of training that is based on the discussion of a certain topic that is known to all participants in advance

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