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По горизонтали
3. Annual or biennial plants of the genus Radish cabbage family
4. Perennial herbaceous plant
7. Juicy sweet sour fruit that is eaten fresh
8. Vegetable for Lecho
10. Annual or perennial herb, a species of the genus Solanaceae of the family Solanaceae
12. Cherry plum
13. Genus of fruit and ornamental trees and shrubs of the family Pink
14. A vegetable of the Lily family
По вертикали
1. The pikang plant can be called Negro bread: its fruits are fried, soups, sauces are prepared from them, and the green fruits of this plant are ground into flour from which many dishes are prepared
2. Monotype genus of short-lived annual herbaceous plants of the Umbrella family
5. A subgenus of the genus Plum Pink family
6. Fast-growing and precocious culture
8. Kind of perennial tuberous herbaceous plants of the genus Nightshade family Nightshade
9. Genus of herbaceous plants of the Pumpkin family
11. Annual or biennial herbaceous plant, a kind of Cabbage genus of the Cabbage family, or Cruciferous

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