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По горизонтали
1. Liquid dosage form for oral administration containing one or more active substances dissolved, suspended or emulsified in the solvent, and dosed in drops
2. A disperse system consisting of microscopic liquid droplets (dispersed phase) is dispersed in another liquid (the dispersion medium)
4. Dosage form in the form of a plastic mass having the ability to soften at body temperature and stick to the skin, or in the form of the same mass on a flat carrier, designed for outdoor use
6. Dosage form representing solutions, emulsions, suspensions of drug substances under pressure together with the propellants in a sealed package, provided with a valve-spray system (dosing or negosida)
По вертикали
1. Dosage form for internal use, which is obtained by the method of the layering of active substances and excipients for sugar grains
3. Mixture of substances where the solid is distributed in the form of fine particles in the liquid in suspension (poseuses) state
4. Solid dosage form for internal or external use, consisting of one or more powdered substances having the property of flowability
5. Negazirovannaja liquid dosage form of a transparent mixture of alcohol-water extracts from medicinal plants with the addition of medicinal substances, sugars and flavorings

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