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По горизонтали
2. Type atsetelenokislorodnogo flame in which oxygen is 10-20% higher than the acetylene
5. Application of the protective gas connected to the opposite side portions to protect them from welding exposure to air
8. The most dangerous zone of the welded joint
12. Apparatus for the production of acetylene
13. Glass for welding
14. An electrical discharge welding
По вертикали
1. Type welding torch with a large excess of oxygen
3. Increases the frequency and voltage
4. What kind of welding can be welded large-scale structures
6. Metalllicheskaya solid connection between the welded surfaces of the base metal layers and rollers main seam
7. Impurity, forming cold cracking during welding
9. As s called the process by which of neutral atoms and molecules obrazuetsya positive ions iotritsatelnye
10. The distance between the docked plates
11. Welding positions
13. A material for the protection of the weld zone

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