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По горизонтали
2. Антивирус
4. Is a sign in a computer field
11. Memory storage density is the amount of data that can be contained withingiven computer storage device
14. Устройство, которое анализируя какой-либо объект (обычно изображение, текст), создаёт цифровую копию изображения объекта.
16. Микропроцессор
19. A computer's bit size measures the number of bits that the CPU can access at once
24. is the purchase or sale of items on the Internet
По вертикали
1. Каталог файлов
3. ismethod of computer data storage. The computer stores data on its hard drive instead of in the RAM
4. The machine, which accept information, process date, store and output information
5. islist of songs created by an MP3 player user
6. A floppy disk isflexible magnetic storage disk encased insquare plastic shell that is used to transfer data
7. short for loudspeaker
8. includes all the necessary components of videoconferencing together asset
9. is used by computer programmers to create instructions thatcomputer can understand
10. Винда
12. isdevice that feeds multiple pages intoscanner
13. is the amount of space an MP3 player has to store files
15. The scanning area is the area onscanner where an image is copied
17. is the ability of one program or file to work withdifferent program
18. ispart of an online store that displays items thatconsumer has selected for purchase, but has not yet paid for
20. Итернет
21. isfile created onword processing program
22. carries out the instructions of computer programs
23. isdevice incomputer that stores all of its information permanently

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