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По горизонтали
2. The heag of the state in Great Britain
3. A river in England
5. The first main island of The British Isles?
9. Name the capital of Scotland
13. What is the name of the patron saint of lovers
17. The capital of Wales?
19. … makes laws
21. The mountainous part of Great Britain
23. The capital of England is
По вертикали
1. What is the biggest river of the UK?
3. A river in England
4. The symbol of Scotland
6. The name of queen of the UK?
7. What continent are the British Isles situated on?
8. The river on which London stands
10. What palace does the British royal family live in?
11. The central part of Great Britain
12. The capital of Northern Ireland
14. The symbol of Northern Ireland
15. The national animal of scotland is the
16. What monarchy in the UK?
18. The most popular kind of sport in Britain?
20. What city is the Beatles museum in
22. The symbol of Wales is
24. In Trafalgar Square there is a monument to Admiral…

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