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По горизонтали
3. Age, reflecting the degree of morphological and physiological development of the organism
7. One of the early stages of development of a childs speech. Characterized by the fact that the words or syllables, children played on the model of adult speech, considerably distorted, for example, through repetition
9. The ability to recognize the same object on the basis of differing sensory information (sensations)
12. The perception affects the total content of the human psyche
14. Violations of memory
16. Be aware of the individuals self-identity, the need for young people to take an inner position of an adult, to realize their place in society, to understand themselves and their capabilities
18. It is a generic term for a complex cognitive abilities and higher mental functions on the accumulation, preservation and reproduction of knowledge and skills
19. Recall that allows a period of time after a few seconds to a few minutes without repetition
По вертикали
1. What property characterizes the duration of the attention focus of mental processes at a single site
2. Is the inability to focus on a person anything specific over time
4. The ability to disperse attention to large areas, performing several parallel activities
5. Assimilation or identification with someone - or something or - or
6. Give an example of errors of perception
8. The ability to focus on a single object
10. Give an example of the kind of attention
11. The age period at which the initial adjustment to life outside the womb
12. The direction and focus of consciousness on some object, phenomenon or activity
13. Perceptions on the basis of skin sensations and motor
15. Amount of information that a person is able to keep in attention
17. What words have special meaning for the person easily extracted from the noise, because they always set the central mechanisms of attention

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