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По горизонтали
4. The amount of money that a company gets from sales during a particular period
7. Person who owes money
8. Part of the profit of a company that is paid to shareholders
14. The process of reducing a cost or total in regular small amounts
15. To make an official examination of the accounts of a business and produce a report
16. Record of sale
18. A company that provides a product, or the materials to make a product
По вертикали
1. Anything you own
2. A payment that is used to reduce the effect of another payment
3. Money that is earned in business after paying the costs of producing
5. Money kept by a company for a particular use
6. An arrangement with a bank to keep your money there and to allow you to take it out when you need to
9. The total amount of money that an organization spends
10. A situation in which a business spends more money than it earns
11. The amount shown in a companys financial records that is the difference between the total credits and the total debits in a particular account
12. To add amounts or sets of numbers together to form a single amount, statement
13. The fact of being able to be changed into money easily
17. Money in the form of notes and coins
19. Money owed for goods and services that has not yet been paid

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