Готовый кроссворд по английскому языку - на тему "Солдаты"

По горизонтали
3. An important unit of compositional division, denoting a section of text
5. Students of lectures.
8. Diligent, executed with great diligence, accuracy.
11. Human ability to perform exercises with large amplitude.
13. Primary, junior, lower, military rank, private in the armies of many states; category of servicemen and those liable for service in the Armed Forces of a number of states.
15. The process of sports improvement aimed at achieving a high sports result.
17. Full of self-esteem, conscious of his superiority.
18. Rhythmic, expressive movements, usually arranged in a specific composition and performed with musical accompaniment.
По вертикали
1. Get out of people, get out in people, get out on the road, go far, go uphill, make a career.
2. Creation by someone of conditions for successful performance of something.
4. The set of plays, musical and other works in the theater, performed on stage, in concert halls.
6. Very large in number, innumerable.
7. The man who did some occupation by the constant profession.
9. Theatrical sight, performance.
10. Feeling of anxiety, anxiety, apprehension of danger.
12. The action exerted by somebody on someone smth., the impact.
14. Extension in that direction, in Krom two extreme points of a line, a plane, a body lie at the greatest distance from each other.
15. Cavalry serviceman.
16. Basic physical exercise performed in the bar and representing the lowering-lifting of the body with the hands from the floor.

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