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По горизонтали
2. What color is the main house in the us
3. What holiday is celebrated on December 25
6. The holiday where all dress up in costumes
9. The largest river usa
10. The Golden State of America
11. Americans favourite food
14. The official language in the United States
15. Main Square in New York
17. The famous amusement park for children
19. Special meals on Thanksgiving Day
20. The traditional American dish for breakfast
По вертикали
1. The largest city in the state of Florida
4. Us residents
5. Which country gave America the Statue of Liberty
7. City of Angels
8. State with many famous movie stars and artists
12. How many states are there in the usa
13. What is the name the president of America
16. Where is the Statue of Liberty
18. The city is famous for its casinos, clubs and restaurants

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