Готовый кроссворд по английскому языку - на тему "Политика"

По горизонтали
1. Material object with information
4. A small change, improvement, or addition that is made to a law or document, or the process of doing this:
6. What principle contains the reduced statement Seven Precepts
7. A law or set of laws:
8. An arrangement for a meeting at an agreed time and place, for a particular purpose
9. When you officially announce that you have decided to leave your job or an organization, or a written statement that says you will be leaving
11. Not allowed by the constitution
13. A priest of the highest rank, who is in charge of all the churches in a particular area
14. Level of development of any abilities of the person
15. What is the general management for actions and decision-making which facilitates achievement of the objectives
16. To show by marking a paper, raising your hand etc which person you want to elect or whether you support a particular plan:
18. What animals on seven precepts made by Snezhko shouldnt accept
19. Very powerful or impressive, and often frightening:
21. Process of performance of actions or cogitative operations
22. What quality the politician for adoption of ruthless decisions has to have
23. Group of the people connected with each other by means of the constant relations
По вертикали
2. Standing … is made up of 20 mps
3. The act of officially suggesting someone or something for a position, duty, or prize, or the fact of being suggested for it
5. The act of privatizing something
10. The government may use its majority to cut short debate through a … motion
12. A draft need it from the government of the day
13. An important official who represents his or her government in a foreign country
15. What the politician for country growth has to have
17. A political or government leader, especially one who is respected as being wise, and fair :
20. Yes and no …

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