Готовый кроссворд по английскому языку - на тему "Бизнес"

По горизонтали
1. One who sells in small amounts tp customers
3. One is education, training, and work history
5. One is bad abilities
7. Producing goods and creating services
8. Not having enough money to pay your debts and so not allowed to continue any business activities
9. The way in which people or groups work together
11. An organised collection of information that is stored on a computer
13. Организация(перевод)
14. Of or pertaining to money
15. One is bad abilities(дифиниция)
16. An organization or country engaged in commercial or economic competition with others.
18. Acquiring necessary capital
19. Работающий(перевод)
20. Development in size and importance
22. Communication between buyer and seller
23. A person who buys goods or services from a shop or business.
24. Feeling safe and free from worry about what might happen
По вертикали
2. The production of goods or services to sell
4. Trying to do better than another company
6. Someone who starts a company, arranges business deals and takes risks in order to make a profit
10. A structure in which the staff are organised in levels and people at one level have authority over those below them
12. Опыт работы(перевод)
17. The attention that a person or company gets from newspapers, television, ect
21. One is good abilities
23. Legal agreement between two people or organizations

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