Готовый кроссворд по английскому языку - на тему «Кибербезопастность»

По горизонтали
4. Hidden entry point into the system
5. Reverse encoding process
8. A layer, which ensures that the information sent at the application layer of one system os readable by the application layer of another system
10. Identity verification process using a username and password
15. A property of information that ensures the accuracy and reliability of data
18. The process of capturing packets on the current network
19. A server that is an intermediate link between networks, providing security
По вертикали
1. A program that steals data about keystrokes on a computer
2. Transformed information into a protected form
3. Subcategory of information security aimed at eliminating threats
6. Method of hiding information in information containers
7. The process of writing information to log files
9. Some weakness that can be exploited to break the system or the information it contains
11. The process of converting information into a cipher
12. Something that puts a system or data at risk
13. Property that makes personal information private
14. A filter that protects your computer from the external network
16. A layer, which segments data from the system of the sending host and reassembles the data on the system of the receiving host
17. The process of converting information into code

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