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По горизонтали
1. The composition of coupled railway cars driven by a locomotive or a motor car
3. A production and economic unit for servicing railway trains, ensures their formation and movement, boarding and disembarking of passengers … .
5. The room where train tickets are sold
7. A small terminal passage room of a passenger car leading to the interior, where the exterior entrance doors and the door of the car are located
8. A rigid carriage with sleeping places consists of 9 open-type compartments, designed for 54 beds, 4 seats in each compartment: two lower seats, two upper and 18 side seats
10. A device for making hot water
11. The platform at the railway station where the train stops
По вертикали
1. A document certifying the right of passage on railway transport
2. The car, 4 sleeping places are isolated from the other and from the general passage by a sliding door
3. A schedule containing information about the time, place, or commission of something
4. A railway employee accompanying a passenger car on its way and serving passengers
6. A carriage in which there are no sleeping places, but only sitting ones
9. A train running at an increased speed and stopping only at major stations

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