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По горизонтали
1. The bodys response, the person to certain external influences or internal stimuli
3. Type of human temperament, characterized by low reactivity, underdeveloped, slow expressive movements
9. One of the ways in which the objective reality is reflected in the human psyche
12. How imagination seeks to reproduce reality in the way it is, and although there is also an element of fantasy, imagination is more reminiscent of the perception or memory than creativity
14. These are complex compounds of various moods and affects associated with this person different, personally significant events in his life, with people and objects from the activities
15. Self-deprecation, self-torture a person associated with the dissatisfaction, and a conviction that the reasons for failure are living in him
20. The human need for establishing, maintaining and strengthening positive emotional relationships with others
22. The concept refers to the ability of human experience, deeply personal perception and regret about violations by himself or other people of moral norms
По вертикали
1. The ability of the human mind to focus on himself
2. Human character traits, manifested in his penchant for fleeting, ill-considered actions and deeds
4. A man whose behavior is characterized by slow reaction to the stimulus, as well as speech, cognitive and motor processes
5. The most elementary form of the synthesis of new images (from the Latin. Aglutinare - bonding)
6. Admission consisting of deliberately strengthening the object of certain qualities that are dominating the rest
7. Traits that drives a person selflessly come to the aid of people and animals
8. The dynamic characteristic of mental processes and human behavior, which manifests itself in their speed, variation, intensity and other characteristics
10. The peculiar combination of properties of the person, which distinguishes it from other people
11. Type temperament characterized vigor, increase efficiency and responsiveness
12. Identification of the perceived object as such, which is already known from past experience
13. Man, taken in the system of his psychological characteristics that are socially determined to appear in public on the nature of connections and relationships are stable, determine the moral actions of man, which are essential for himself and others
16. The presence of potentially high abilities of any person
17. The ability of the human mind to focus on himself
18. The dynamic process of internal, psychological and physiological behavior management, including its initiation, direction, organization support
19. Individual features of the people, on which the acquisition of knowledge and skills, as well as the successful implementation of various activities
21. Temporary state of consciousness characterized by narrowing its scope and sharp focus on the content of suggestion, which is associated with a change in the function of individual control and self-awareness
22. A person has a high level of mental activity, vigorous action, sharpness, swiftness, strength movements, their fast pace, impetuosity

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