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2. In what factory worked charles dickens when he was 12 years old?
7. Where was charles dickens born?
8. Where was charles dickens died?
9. What is name of charles dickens wife?
10. In what era the christmas carol was published?
12. Which work was never completed?
15. What is name of charles dickens first love?
16. What is charles dickens second name?
19. Dickens first book
20. What is special feature os charles dickens works?
22. How many children had charles dickens?
23. On what planet is crater named in honor of charles dickens?
По вертикали
1. What is surname of the main character of the pickwick papers?
3. Parody of what nationality is in charles dickens work the life and adventures of martin chuzzlewit?
4. How does dickens label the chapters of christmas carol
5. One of the most famous work of charles dickens called david ( … ?)
6. Dickens farther was … (because of this, charles was withdrawn from school and forced to work)
11. Autobiographical book
13. What abbey is resting place of charles dickens?
14. What is reason for the death of charles dickens?
17. In what month was charles dickens born?
18. What is name of charles dickens father?
21. How does scrooge call the christmas?

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