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По горизонтали
3. The abrupt descent, which frequently contrasts with the previous rise
4. The blending together of two or more semantically incompatible word groups, having an identical lexical item (usuallypolysemantic word), intosingle construction where this item is used only once
7. Words that are similar in meaning, but different in spelling and pronunciation
По вертикали
1. An explicit statement of partial identity (affinity, likeness, similarity) of two objects belonging to entirely different classes of things
2. A combination of words that express two diametrically opposite notions
3. Any active confrontation, emphasized co-occurrence of notions, really or presumably opposed by means of dictionary or contextual antonyms
5. An arrangement of correlative ideas or notions (expressed by words, word combinations or sentences) in which what precedes is less than what follows
6. The use ofword in suchmanner as to bring out different meanings or applications of one polysemantic word

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