Готовый кроссворд по английскому языку - на тему «Скелет»

По горизонтали
5. "Cemetery of red blood cells"
9. A tube connecting the stomach and pharynx
14. The organ of digestion and excretion
15. The part of the spine that is located after the thoracic
19. The ear includes three main parts: the external ear, the middle ear and the … ear
21. The lowes part of the spine
23. The most movable joint
24. "Blood deport"
По вертикали
1. Thanks to this organ we breath
2. A part of the body that has a certain structure and performs specific functions
3. What a movable jaw?
4. This part of the body helps us to speak
6. A body part consisting of 3 bones: the illium, pubis and ischiuma
7. The largest bone
8. The part of the spine that is located after the cervical
10. The flat bone of the shoulder girdle
11. In which cavity are the stomach located?
12. The tube through which the urine flows
13. What does the spinal column consist?
16. A paired bean-shaped organ that cleanses the blood, performing through the function of urination
17. Science that studies the human body
18. This organ produces insulin
20. Urine accumulates in this organ
22. A cell formed by the thoracic spine, ribs and breastbone
23. In which canal is the spinal cord located?

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