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4. Vitamin and mineral complex, consisting of 3 tablets of different color, whose name refers to the collection of letters made in the literature of any language and placed in a certain order
8. which was against medical diet, but created his diet
10. The visual pigment
13. Chemical name of vitamin B12
16. Liquid form of the drug
20. a specialist in the field of nutrition
24. The substance on which the enzyme acts
По вертикали
1. Night blindness is caused by deficiency of this particular vitamin (a)
2. The syndrome consists in the complete absence of appetite at the objective needs of the organism in the diet that accompanies the majority of metabolic diseases, infections, diseases of the digestive system, such as parasitic infections
3. Yellow pigment contained in carrots, red peppers, apricots, pumpkin and other vegetables and fruits red
5. from running a patient and a healthy - rolls
6. organic compounds, different in their chemical composition. Translated from the Latin vita - life
7. Chemical name of vitamin B6
9. The almost complete absence of any vitamin or a vitamin group in the human body
11. Pharmacological agents or natural multicomponent polydisperse substance that contains in its structure a complex of vitamins and minerals
12. The condition of the body arising from excessive intake of vitamins
14. organic compounds consisting of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen
15. Complex water-soluble b vitamins, which are used in the treatment and prevention of diseases nevrologicheskikh
17. Chemical name of vitamin pp (b3)
18. A group of organic compounds that suppress the activity biologicheskuyu vitamins
19. The disease of bone tissue accompanied by a decrease in its density and disruption of the structure caused by deficiency of vitamin D
21. Scientific name of vitamin E
22. Scientific name of vitamin B2
23. Acid, the most famous of vitamins c
25. The scientific name for vitamin B1

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