Программирование графики (OpenGL, C++, DirectX...)

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DirectX(R), RDX, RSX, and MMX(TM) Technology: A Jumpstart Guide to High Performance APIs

Автор: Rohan Coelho, Maher Hawash
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ISBN: 0201309440
Until now multimedia developers had to program directly to hardware in order to maximize application performance. DirectX, RDX, RSX, and MMX technology are new advancements that enable programmers to write applications that take advantage of hardware acceleration without direct hardware programming. Written by Intel experts who are developing and applying these new technologies, DirectX(R), RDX, RSX, and MMX(TM)Technology(TM): A Jumpstart Guide to High Performance APIs takes a hands-on approach to illustrate the latest technologies from Microsoft, Intel, and Progressive Networks. This book: Shows programmers how to get up to speed on each API and provides key hints, tips, and advice throughout the text Covers DirectX (DirectDraw*, Direct3D*,DirectSound*) and DirectShow (formerly ActiveMovie) APIs from Microsoft; RDX and RSX from Intel; and RealMedia from Progressive Networks Illustrates optimization techniques for Pentium, Pentium with MMX Technology, and the Pentium...
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