Зарубежные художники

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Автор: Francesco Bonami, Tony Shafrazi, Chiara Savino
Год: 2014
Издание: "Наука" Е. Л. Локшина
Страниц: 184
ISBN: 9788866482116
Young. Low-cost. Witty. Sexy. And again, according to the historic definition given by the British artist Richard Hamilton, mass-produced and a prolific source of business: Pop Art, with its emblematic entertwining of glamour and commodification, represents one of the most valuable expressions of the ebullient postwar America. A fluorescent, mechanical, voyeuristic form of art, which Andy Warhol, a symbol of the unrestrained American dream himself, incarnates as its leading, magnetic figure. From the obsessive reproductions of glazed Hollywood stars to the chicken soup cans, from the skulls turned into lilac and mint green icons to the floral stereotypes, up to the late reinterpretations of Renaissance frescoes, the exhibition and accompanying catalogue gather more than 160 surprising works, coming from the rich Brant Foundation, Connecticut. Warhol retraces the sparkling career of a master of contemporary art: venerated as his Marilyn, controversial as much as his Mao, and as...
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