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Quartz crystal wrist watches: Repair Manual (Part Two)

Автор: [автор не указан]
Год: 1990
Издание: Пенза: ПО Заря
Страниц: 168
ISBN: [не указан]
This Manual includes sections dealing with the repair of quartz crystal watches with movements 1356, 1656, 1656A, 1656H, and calendar units of movements 2350, 2360, 2450, 2460. Designation of watch movement parts and assembly units complies with the watch dictionary published by the Abauches A.O.' firm in 1976.The present edition of the Manual contains the 'Functional check of battery', 'Functional check of crystal oscillator unit', 'Functional check of step motor', 'Measurement of average current drawn by watch' sections in the scope of the Part One of the Repair Manual that has been published before. The Repair Manual will be found valuable by watch repairers who perform repair of electronic-mechanical hand-indication quartz-crystal wrist watches and can be used as a study aid in training watch repairers at watch factories, service centers, middle vocational schools.'
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