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Networking Essentials MCSE Study System (CDROM)

Автор: Nash, Jason
Год: 1999
Издание: IDG Books
Страниц: 512
ISBN: 076454604, 076454604X, 076454604X
Designed as a study tool, interactive test simulation, lab practice, and on-the job reference, Networking Essentials MCSE Study System covers the required Exam 70-58.It is the only Study System available that integrates full-featured adaptive testing simulation software and operating system simulation questions. Covers: Exam 070-058Exam 70-58 3 Steps to Success1. Get Ready — Organize a plan of attack- Open the book for a thorough, proven course that will make you a networking expert- Pop in the IDG Books Testing Software CD-ROM for a diagnostic exam that not only identifies your weak spots, but refers you back to the specific sections in the book you need to review2. Get Set — Practice, Practice, Practice- Use the tutorials, labs, summaries, examples, and self-assessments in the book to refine your knowledge of each topic- Set the exam simulations on IDG Books Testing Software to give you extra practice on topics that give you trouble — and even create electronic flash cards for intensive drills- Configure and troubleshoot large or small networks with the operating system simulations on the CD-ROM — and get the hands-on experience you need to succeed3. Go — Watch your career take off!- Use IDG Books Testing software's amazingly realistic, fully adaptive test simulations to pinpoint exactly when you're ready to pass the exam- Keep the book at your desk for tested solutions to real-world problems — and use the operating system simulations to hone your network skillsAdvanced Test Preparation Software IDG Books Testing Software:- Standard test simulations- Adaptive test simulations- Operating system simulations fully integrated with IDG Books Testing Software- Diagnostics, bookmarking, flash cards, and more- All simulations mapped back to topics in the book
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