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The Bible Through the Eyes of Its Authors: A Political History of Ancient Israel & Judah

Автор: Frederic March
Год: 2006
Издание: IUniverse
Страниц: 652
ISBN: 0595379125
The Bible Through the Eyes of Its Authors interprets the Bible as a human creation by ancient priests who advocated political, social, military, and religious agendas for their nation. They lived in a world of great empires with a two-millennium history before their nation was founded. Thus they inherited an advanced culture that embraced the authoritarian values of imperial powers, together with humanistic traditions, legends, and written laws. However, The Bible Through the Eyes of Its Authors is not a dry historical analysis. Author Frederic March explores the Bible as a dramatic historical epic in five eras, twenty-one acts, and more than two hundred scenes. Using archaeological evidence, he applies knowledge about the authors’ world to interpret each scene. Unlike a traditional Bible study, the commentary does not infer God’s intent but that of the respective authors. The book confronts the Bible’s stunning moral contradictions. For example the loving...
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