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Roots to Fruit: Family Stories with Faith as the Root and Love as the Fruit

Автор: Marshall L. Grant Jr.
Год: 2012
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 376
ISBN: 1449758819
This book is a collection of stories that describes the relationships that can exist when we put Jesus Christ first in our lives; and how agape love as described in First Corinthians Chapter Thirteen can shape our values and guide us in making difficult decisions as we interact with others. For all of us, this is a growing process and we must ask God daily for the wisdom, strength and courage to press on for the abundant life that only He can give I truly believe that the teachings and commandments in the Holy Bible can transform our lives if we apply them in our daily living. After reviewing the first drafts of this book, I signed on wholeheartedly to be a part of this exciting adventure. To assist my brother as his editor has been a blessing and a labor of love. This book gives outstanding examples of how faith as the root can lead to love as the fruit. The story titled Alpha and Omega in Chapter Thirteen sums it up. Jesus Christ is indeed The Beginning and The End, The First and...
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