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Overseas Americans: The Essential Guide to Living and Working Abroad

Автор: William Beaver
Год: [не указано]
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ISBN: 1581602596
Overseas Americans is the essential handbook for U.S. citizens living or working abroad. It contains vital information and actual documents from all the government agencies that you as an expatriate will have to deal with, including the IRS, State Department, Customs, and Social Security Administration. Find answers to all your questions about living or working abroad before you go: must I pay U.S. taxes? What travel documents, visas or work permits will I need? Is my destination safe for Americans? What should I do if I'm arrested in a foreign country? Can I lose my U.S. citizenship by living overseas? Will my health insurance be good? Can I vote in U.S. elections while living abroad? In addition to answering these and other frequently asked questions,this invaluable guide provides an annotated list of the 100 most helpful Web sites for Americans abroad, as well as the password to a special Web site just for readers of Overseas Americans. Don't leave home without this book!
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