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Master Visually Windows Me Millennium Edition (Book with CD-ROM)

Автор: Ruth Maran
Год: [не указано]
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: [не указано]
ISBN: 0764534963
"One picture is worth a thousand words." If you prefer instructions that show you rather than tell you, then this comprehensive reference is for you. Hundreds of succinctly captioned, step-by-step screen shots reveal how to accomplish more than 250 Windows(r) Me tasks, including: * Using Windows(r) MovieMaker * Setting up a home network * Restoring your computer * Updating Windows * Listening to radio stations on the Internet * Using NetMeeting(r) * Installing a network protocol * Using Windows Media Player * Playing Internet-enabled games * Defragmenting your hard drive * "Master It" tips answer questions and present shortcuts * High-resolution screen shots demonstrate each task * Succinct explanations walk you through step-by-step * Two-page lessons break big topics into bite-sized modules Utilities and more on CD-ROM! * RealPlayer(r) * Winamp(TM) and WinZIP(r) shareware ...
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