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Little Chef Cooks I Can Cook, Too!

Автор: L T de Geest
Год: 2012
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 42
ISBN: 1475287453
Children love cooking! The problem is finding a cookbook written for children that is geared specifically to their developmental abilities - until now. A fun, tasty, and esteem-building book that teaches children they are capable of cooking delicious treats, L. T. de Geesta??s first book in her three-part childrena??s cookbook series is as much fun as you can have in the kitchen. Full of easy-to-use, skill-building recipes that are as instructional as they are tasty, she gives you all you need to help build your little onea??s confidence while producing delicious meals and snacks the whole family can enjoy. Using easy-to-follow recipes for such delicious dishes as Apple and Sultana Porridge Mix, Raspberry Ripple, Little Chefa??s Salad Platter, Ciabatta Fingers, Nutty Bananas, and Chilled Honey Fluffy, your child will learn to be confident in their cooking abilities and know that they can not only feed themselves but help feed the whole family too! De Geesta??s groundbreaking...
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