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"L'etico non si puo insegnare"

Автор: Patrizia Piredda
Год: 2014
Издание: Книга по Требованию
Страниц: 162
ISBN: 9781783064656
The book provides an original insight into the connection between ethics and language by comparing their use in Nietzsche and D'Annunzio. Within the areas of Italian Studies, such a interdisciplinary and comparative approach is unusual and this book offers an innovative approach that will be of interest to scholars in literary studies, ethics and linguistics. What connects ethics to literary language? By integrating Wittgenstein's philosophy with Aristotle's theory of metaphor and phronesis (wisdom), Patrizia Piredda offers readers the concept that ethics not only appears directly in our actions as a form of life, but can also be shown in language through metaphor. The book focuses on Nietzsche and D'Annunzio. Nietzsche represents an ethical form of life through following doctrines or 'truth' but also via self-knowledge and freeing oneself from false belief, while D'Annunzio represents through models the characters of his novels and presents himself as a contradictorily 'inimitable'...
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