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Inside Arc Info V 8, 2E

Автор: Jay Flynn, Teresa Pitts
Год: [не указано]
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: [не указано]
ISBN: 1566901944
ArcInfo® Version 8.0, covered in this book, is a major and exciting revision of the software. This edition of INSIDE ArcInfo guides you through the program's new interface, modules, and functionality as well as its traditional functionality. The first part of the book covers the new drag-and-drop interface modules ArcCatalog, ArcMap, and ArcToolbox with a PowerStart exercise to get you making maps right away. The second part covers the traditional modules Arc, ArcEdit, and ArcPlot, including tips and exercises that even veteran ArcInfo users will find helpful. Designed for flexibility of use, this book addresses both the new and experienced ArcInfo user, as well as those new to or experienced in the area of GIS. Each chapter can be worked on as a discrete unit, allowing you to chart your own course through the book. With this edition of Inside ArcInfo you can: Master the new functionality and features of version 8.0, Use the PowerStart Exercise to start producing maps...
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