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Bone Marrow Immunohistochemistry

Автор: Emina Emilia Torlakovic, Kikkeri N. Naresh, Richard D. Brunning
Год: 2008
Издание: American Society for Clinical Pathology
Страниц: 274
ISBN: 0891895728
"Bone Marrow IHC" provides a rich collection of color illustrations that demonstrate the diagnostic features of antibodies applicable to bone marrow tissue. Each of the antibodies illustrated in the volume includes a systematic description that details an expected reaction profile in both normal bone marrow cells and neoplastic cells, as well as authoritative advice about avoiding potential diagnostic pitfalls and technical problems related to the antibodies and tissue processing. A completely practical volume for pathologists and pathology residents alike, "Bone Marrow IHC" presents a methodological approach. Included are critical reviews of most of the IHC tests in use today, as well as summaries of expected reactivities in normal and diseased bone marrow. Also included is information about those markers less commonly used, in order to provide essential support for the correct interpretation of results in specific diagnostic settings. Pathology residents will find the volume...
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