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Are You at Risk for Cancer from HPV?

Автор: Larry H. Gregory
Год: 2005
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 242
ISBN: 0970780818
Book DescriptionHPV (Humanpapillo Virus) is the largest STD (sexually transmitted disease) in the United States and is believed to be associated with more virally-induced cancers than any other virus. Those looking for answers to tough questions about HPV, and cancer in general, will find them in this book. It includes statistics, information about clinical vaccine trials, and presently approved treatments, a list of antioxidants, a glossary of terms, information about viral transmission, and a list of viral and bacterial genital and mouth diseases. Also included is information about cervical, anal, and head and neck cancers, all associated with HPV, HIV, hepatitis C, and various herpes viruses are also discussed.
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