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American Cookery: A Novel

Автор: Laura Kalpakian
Год: 2007
Издание: St. Martin's Griffin
Страниц: 432
ISBN: 0312348142
American Cookery bursts with the joy of cooking and the spice of life-a feast of friendship and family. High-spirited Eden Douglass is born into a contentious California clan full of headstrong women who vie for her loyalty. The Douglass women are known to borrow trouble as well as time and money. As a child, Eden's hungers are satisfied with merely having enough to eat. As an adult, her appetite for adventure leads her to serve on the European Front, to elope to Mexico with a charismatic film maker, and become a producer in the golden age of television. Eden's life is seasoned with a rich cast of lively characters. All have stories. Some have legends. Each chapter is followed by a recipe. Readers can share and savor Emotional Cornbread, Book Club Gingerbread, Parti-Colored Salsa, Figs Napoleon, Stella's Sauce and Ginny Doyle's Cowgirl Chili. American Cookery celebrates those women and men whose cooking forges connection across time and miles and through generations. ...
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