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A Theory of Forest Dynamics: The Ecological Implications of Forest Succession Models

Автор: Herman H. Shugart
Год: 2003
Издание: Blackburn Press
Страниц: 278
ISBN: 193066575, 193066575X, 193066575X
To the human eye, a forest is a slowly changing ecosystem that, superficially, looks alike from one year to the next. This seeming quiet though is a balance between the tremendous progenerative potential of tress and an equally tremendous mortality rate. The intrinsic nature of the trees that comprise a forest make it all but impossible to collect complete data sets on the dynamics of natural forests and our understanding of the long-term dynamics of forests is based largely on scientific inference. Because of this reliance on inference, mathematical models of forest dynamics offer a valuable formalization of what we believe to be the important mechanisms involved in forest succession. Originally published in 1984, A Theory of Forest Dynamics is intended for scientists and graduate students in ecology and forestry. The book includes: a review of ecological succession; coverage of forest dynamics models and detailed analysis of several models of forest succession. Mathematical...
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